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Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

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This has got to be the hottest celebrity blow job I've seen.

Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Ray-J show us what they do behind closed doors for OVER AN HOUR!

Kim Kardashian gets nasty with Ray J. When the camera is behind Kim K's ass while Ray J is rocks her pussy while holding the camera, oh baby... Paris Hilton’s good friend socialite Kim Kardashian had her own sex tape scandal

after filming her sexploits with her ex, Whitney Houston’s reported new beau Ray J.A raunchy tape featuring the former couple engaged in various sex acts. And it is HOT as! Back in February 2007, At the time, it was like, “who the hell is Kim Kardashian and why should I care if she has a sex tape?” But what better way to become famous than to release a sex tape? Hey, it worked for her best friend Paris Hilton. And the 2 million that she was offered is peanuts. That’s probably her weekly allowance. I have no doubt in my mind that we will see this tape; Kim is pretty much promoted the damn thing by talking about it all the time. She said, “Ray J and I remain friends, and there is nothing he would do to spite me.” Who gives a shit, the girl’s got big cans. thank fuck they’re filmed well! Oh, and there’s some little golden shower action – not taking the piss or anything!

In February 2007, a pornographic home video he made with Kim Kardashian was "leaked". Kardashian sued Vivid Entertainment for ownership of the tape. In late April 2007, Kardashian dropped the suit and settled with Vivid Entertainment for $5 million for the the sex tape Kim Kardashian denied, but later admitted to. This is the tape she made with Brandy's brother, Ray-J.

Having not succeeded adequately the first time, Kim Kardashian tried again in the style sector, but put her attention toward closet arrangements rather than specific wardrobe choices. Her job was to renovate closet space and find ways to better organize the clothing of her clients. After getting good results from revamping the storage space of boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard's wife, Bernadette, Kardashian took a shot at redoing Paris Hilton's clothing collection. Apart from the fact that Hilton's clothing was so extensive that it required the space of a fully-modified bedroom rather than a regular-size closet, Kim's work was well-received. Among Los Angeles socialites, she was more popular around town, but her overall celebrity influence was inconsequential.

The relationships between Kardashian and blues musician Ray J changed her level of fame quickly and substantially. In 2007, adult film giant Vivid released a sex tape that they had filmed together. While the two principals claimed that the sex tape was never intended for public audiences, it provided an immediate jump-start to Kardashian's career, making her an immediate internet fixture and being perfectly timed to coincide with a spread in the December 2007 issue of Playboy and the launch of her new reality TV series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The show, which followed her and her family members through the maintaining of their store, D-A-S-H, and their various personal challenges, became a favorite of female viewers while offering more views of the woman who had caught so much male attention from her sexcapades of earlier.

The mystery buyer looking to purchase Kim Kardashian's sex tape needs to muster up at least $30 million if they want a CHANCE at taking it off the market ... TMZ has learned.We spoke with Vivid Entertainment top banana Steve Hirsch ... who tells us he HAS made contact with the lawyer who's representing the mystery party interested in buying the rights to the sex tape ... and he's open to the possibility of a deal.

As Kim Kardashian said 'I do', internet views for sex tape more than trebled on her wedding day!

Dressed in virginal white, Kim Kardashian epitomised purity on her wedding day.

But while she was walking down the aisle, internet voyeurs were tuning into her infamous sex tape with former flame Ray J.

A surge of opportunists flocked to the video, with a whopping two million tuning in, compared to the usual 300,000 visitors.

It was the 80’s when Defense attorney Robert Kardashian and wife Kris Houghton welcome their second child, Kimberly Noel, to their posh L.A. lifestyle. The growing brood already includes 1-year-old Kourtney and will add Khloé in 1984 and Robert Jr. in 1987. By pre-school, Kim is palling around with Paris Hilton, and by 1994, her father is in the media spotlight when he houses and later defends O.J. Simpson (right) following the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

After her parents' divorce – her mother remarried Olympian Bruce Jenner in 1991 – Kardashian hits puberty and is ashamed of her growing body. "I used to say my prayers before bed and pray I would stop developing," she tells Playboy. With time, Kardashian grows confidence in her curves: "I always laugh when it says on the Internet that I have fake boobs or butt implants or injected lips, because it's so not true."

Kardashian, then 20, married music producer Damon Thomas, 30, who worked with the likes of Pink and Faith Evans. But death doesn't do them part, as Kardashian and Thomas endured a messy divorce in 2004. According to PEOPLE, Thomas calls Kardashian a "compulsive shopper."

Just eight weeks after learning he had esophagus cancer, Kardashian's father, Robert, died at age 59. Kardashian, 22, speaks at her father's funeral, which she later says is "probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do in life."

After singer Brandy appears on a worst-dressed list, Kardashian is hired as her personal stylist. The stint parlays into a full-time business for Kardashian as a stylist and personal shopper to stars like Lindsay Lohan. Around this time, she begins dating Brandy's brother, R&B singer Ray J. In 2006, business is booming and, with sisters Khloé and Kourtney, Kardashian opens Dash, a boutique in Calabasas, Calif.

Six months after the breakup of his famous marriage to Jessica Simpson, singer, Nick Lachey, 32, is spotted with Kardashian, 25. People reports that they were photographed on May 24 that year at an afternoon showing of The Da Vinci Code, where they held hands.

While rumors of a sex tape involving Kardashian and ex-boyfriend Ray J swirl, Kardashian denies any such tape exists. "There is no amount of money that could ever convince me to release any tape, even if I had one," she tells Complex. But the tape eventually surfaces on the Internet, and Kardashian sues Vivid Entertainment to suppress its distribution, saying, "It would humiliate me and ruin my family." By April, Kardashian settles with Vivid to distribute the tape.

Kardashian gets her own E! reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which documents her career and family life, with sisters Khloé and Kourtney, momager Kris, and stepdad Bruce Jenner. "At the heart of this series – despite the cat fights and endless sarcasm – is a family that truly loves and supports one another," says Ryan Seacrest, executive producer of the series.

Kardashian begins dating New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush. "I'm not really a sports girl," Kardashian tell the AP. "But I sit with all the wives and they know everything and I don't so they are teaching me, and I'm learning a lot about it, so I'm loving it." They split in July 2009, before reuniting after Khloé's wedding that September.

Kardashian appears on the cover of Playboy – and bares all inside. "Of course you're nervous and want more time to work out. But I'm proud to show people who I am," she tells Men's Fitness about the shoot. "You always see the typical skinny models and I'm not that and I'm proud not to be that." In 2008, she inks a deal to be the latest face of Bongo Jeans.

William Ray Norwood Jr. (born January 17, 1981), better known by his stage name Ray J, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and actor.

William Ray Norwood Jr. was born in McComb, Mississippi to Willie Norwood and Sonja Bates-Norwood. His older sister Brandy is an award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist. His first cousin, Snoop Dogg, is a multi-platinum recording rapper.

Early in Ray J's career, he was known for wearing a Pacers headband.

Elektra Records in 1995 and recorded his debut album Everything You Want the next year. "Let It Go" appeared on the Set It Off soundtrack. It peaked number 25 in the U.S. and number 11 in New Zealand. The second single peaked at number 54 on the U.S. R&B chart. In 1997, he was dropped from the label. He produced, putting together the music for several commercials and a few of the demos for his second record.

Ray J recorded "Another Day in Paradise" with Brandy, which was a Top Ten success in Austria, UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, the Netherlands and number 11 in Australia and France. The song was the lead single of the R&B/Hip Hop tribute Urban Renewal, in which he co-produced and performed songs. Norwood also worked with The Neptunes, Rodney Jerkins and Lil' Kim, and several other producers and singers for his second studio album This Ain't A Game. The album was released in 2001. The lead single "Wait A Minute" peaked at #30 on the U.S. Hot 100 chart and #8 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. "Formal Invite" followed at #54 on the R&B chart.

After a two year break, Norwood returned to recording studios, adding the finishing touches on his third studio album Raydiation with help from producers such as Rodney Jerkins, Timbaland, R. Kelly, and Rob Egerton. A joint venture by Sanctuary Records and Ray-J's own label, independent Knockout Entertainment, the album was finally released on September 27, 2005 in North America after several delays, debuting at number forty-eight on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 18,321 copies in the first week. The album's lead single "One Wish" was a top 20 success in the US, UK, Ireland, and New Zealand. Raydiation eventually sold over 400,000 copies domestically.

Knockout Entertainment announced a multi-million dollar album deal with Koch Records and Shaquille O'Neal's "Deja 34" entertainment company. The first album for this deal is Ray J's fourth album All I Feel, which features The Game and Yung Berg among others. It was released on April 1, 2008. The album's first single is "Sexy Can I" featuring rapper Yung Berg peaked at number three on the Top Singles (Hot 100) for six weeks. A video for the track, directed by R. Malcolm Jones, was shot in December 2007. J stars in the Black Christmas movie Dark Christmas under the direction from Deon Taylor.

Ray J is currently working with his sister Brandy Norwood on their collaboration album Trust, Knowledge & Opportunity & his upcoming solo album Raydiation 2 with his first single "Last Wish" The sequel to his 2005 smash hit "One Wish" both produced by hit maker Rodney Jerkins.

Early in his life, he moved with his family from McComb, Mississippi to Carson, California, and in 1989 started appearing in television commercials for different companies. In 1989, at the age of eight, Norwood began auditioning for and appearing in television commercials; he played the foster son in "The Sinbad Show, from 1993-1994. This period in Norwood's life would shape his acting career to come. According to Bradley Torreano of allmusic, "his easygoing image and boyish looks appealed to the producers of Brandy's television show, Moesha", giving him a role on the UPN series starting in 1999 as Dorian "D-Money". In 2005, Norwood joined the cast of UPN's One On One, where he played the character of D-Mack for the final season. On both shows, Ray's character was related to Brandy's (cousin/half-brother on Moesha, brother on One on One).

In 2009, Norwood starred in his own VH1 reality dating show, For the Love of Ray J. The show premiered on February 2, 2009. For his show on March 24, 2009 he released the soundtrack/studio album called For The Love Of Ray J. On November 2, 2009, the show's second season premiered. In 2010, Norwood and his sister Brandy Norwood premiered the VH1 reality series Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business along with their parents. He also played the role of Roberto in the movie Christmas at Water's Edge in 2004.The show debuted in April 2010 and chronicled the backstage happenings of both siblings, while taking a bigger role in their family's management and production company, R&B Productions.

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